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Kids First

In order to comply with the order entered by the Seventeenth Judicial District of Pennsylvania covering Snyder and Union Counties, our Kids First instructors have designed a packet of information for parties to complete at home. This packet includes the manual/booklet Kids First: Children Coping with Divorce & Family Conflict by Chet Muklewicz, a study guide and worksheet for parties to complete and return. Instructors also ask parties to watch YouTube: What Parents Need to Know from Kids about Divorce (COPE). Instructors are available for a 1-1 phone call or zoom conversation with participants. 

Included in the packet mailed to participants is a return-stamped envelope for the completed worksheet and checks for payment. Certificates will be issued when completed worksheets and payment is received.


Please call the office if you have questions about the process, payment or if you would like to speak to a Kids First instructor about the material.

What is Kids First?

Children react to the separation or divorce of their caregivers in very different ways. Kids First is a 2 ½ hour educational program that provides caregivers with tools to reduce the negative effects of separation and divorce on their children.

Participants are presented with information and experiences on topics such as: 

  • how caregiver relationships have a direct effect on children

  • how children might respond by age and gender

  • how to reduce separation distress in children

  • how to deal with caregiver-child alliances, how caregivers might free themselves from entrenched conflict

  • how to develop a functional co-caregiver relationship.

91% of people who attended Kids First reported that it enabled them to learn how conflict impacts their children and how they can help. 

Registration Process

  • Contact Susquehanna Valley Mediation at 570-374-1718 for more information.

  • The office is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

  • The court-ordered mediation fee also covers Kids First. There is no additional fee.

  • Individuals court-ordered only to Kids First will be charged a $15.00 fee.

  • Parties in custody disputes must complete Kids First prior to their scheduled mediation appointment.

Any additional questions should be directed to the mediation center at 570-374-1718.

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