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Susquehanna Valley Story Circles

Story Circles create an opportunity for people in our community to connect with one another and be heard through story telling.

SVM is facilitating Story Circles for interested people and groups in our community. If you have any questions or would like to request a circle, call our office @ 570-374-1718


Pictured: SVM Staff Member, Meg Martin, and Interns Teisha Spaid and Lydia Witherite, facilitate Story Circles at Lewisburg Area High School (LAHS).

According to LAHS staff organizers, the purpose of the G.O.L.D. (Growth, Opportunities, Leadership, Development) event was to reach out to the students to help them feel seen, heard, and valued. 43 girls participated in the event. About the Story Circle, one participant said, "I left the Story Circle feeling more inspired, more thoughtful, and more connected."


Residents of Riverview Manor, Personal Care unit at Riverwoods, enjoy Story Circles with Susquehanna Valley Mediation Center director, Susan Jordan and Bucknell student, Ginger Baxter. Residents engaged in body movement, singing, and reminiscing through storytelling. 

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