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Families in Recovery

Developed in collaboration with the Union and Snyder Commissioners, the 17th District’s Treatment Court team, and people impacted by Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), SVM’s Families in Recovery Program engages non-profits, faith-based communities and community partners to take a whole family/community approach to supporting individuals with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).


The program provides people with OUD and their families with: family meetings, family support groups, family education and connection with community support and service providers. Its goal is to increase support of, and engagement between, the whole family impacted by OUD, improve participants’ outcomes for long-term recovery and improve family outcomes.

The program's three engagement points include engagement with:

Natural Family/Community Support System

Treatment & Other Service Providers

Individuals Addressing Their Addiction

For individuals on Treatment Court, the program works with participants and their families to engage and expand their natural support systems and to ease the transition between life in and after Treatment Court.

Support Group

Get Involved

Become a trained mediator through SVM and help facilitate Crisis/Rapid Response meetings or Plan of Safe Care meetings!


You can also participate in the Families Are Worth It Campaign, which builds stronger communities through interpersonal connections and mutual sharing. 

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